FK Trade Co. is the premier online destination for securing up to $1 million dollars in instant discreet funding for your small business needs. 

Use our fast and easy buy-back program to fund the following (but-not-limited to) actions:

  • Fund a large P.O. 
  • Expansion of your business
  • Renovation of your office facilities
  • Bridge loan to cover cash needs like payroll
  • Investment into R&D
  • Cash to cover expenses and debt payments
  • Any business cash driven need

Why Fast Kash

Our asset based buy-back program is NOT a loan. We out right buy your item or goods and store it for a flat fee for 30 days. Afterwards, you have the right of first purchase to re-acquire your goods. 

Why is this beneficial for your business?

  • There are NO credit checks.
  • There are NO interest rates. 
  • There are NO ownership/equity discussions. 
  • There are NO penalty fees.

We Are Business Owners

It has been our experience, as we are sure it has been yours – that businesses are constantly in need of cash funding. The difficulty is in securing this funding without creating a detrimental situation for the business owners. We help to curb the stresses of securing funding, by providing you a fast, simple, and discreet asset based buy-back program. We give you cash instantly for any luxury item or other liquid asset that you own – and offer a guaranteed 30 day buy back offer. No accruing interests, no long-term repayment programs, no collection calls; our program is not just quick and secure – it is pain and hassle free. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our buy-back program that we offer you a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your buy-back offer, we will gladly send you your items back.

How It Works

We make it as painless and simple as possible to secure cash funding for your business. 

  1. Reach out to us by
  2. Tell us about your luxury item or asset that you are interested in the buy-back program for. 
  3. We’ll send you a prepaid fully insured shipping label to send us your item for final evaluation
  4. Get Paid